February 14, 2011


I have access to three gyms - one in my building, the one where my trainer works, and the one we paid a full year in advance for. I try to work out at least 5 times a week and find myself rarely, if ever, using the gym we actually pay for. This makes me feel guilty.

When we first moved back to Seattle we joined 24 Hour Fitness, the downtown location. While it is where I met my trainer, a connection I am thankful for, I hate.that.gym. It's more a single's club than it is a gym, the staff can be quite rude and the locker rooms are dis-gus-ting. There's also a swimming pool that seems to attract every freak in the city. We thankfully cancelled that membership.

Our new gym is amazing, with two locations very nearby, making it soooo convenient. What's even more convenient? Riding the elevator down to the 2nd floor of the building I live in, to use the adequate but not great gym. There are treadmills, ellipticals, bikes and a stair stepper - not bad. The weights are kind of sketchy and there is no special equipment like BOSU's because people steal them - jerks.

I really love the gym we joined - so much so that I was willing (both of us were) to pay a year in advance because we could get 15 months for the price of 12. We were not pressured...at all. We were however, so excited to get away from 24 Hour Fitness that I think we jumped the gun when making our decision. 7 months later, I sure wish we would have gone month to month before making the leap to an entire year in advance. By the time I meet with my trainer at her gym, use the gym in our building a couple times and try to exercise outside whenever possible, I rarely make it to the beautiful gym I love and paid to use...in advance. I mentioned that already, didn't I?

So I'm going to set a goal to go to the beautiful, amazing gym we paid a year in advance for (just recapping in case you didn't catch any of that) at least one day a week. Except not today. I woke up raring to trot on over to the gym we belong to but it's pouring down rain and that elevator ride seems so much more appealing. The irony in all of this? The gym I now belong to is called RAIN. Only in Seattle...