September 9, 2014

I'm back?

I spent the morning reading all of my old I have been more cranky and judgmental? Maybe, but a lot has changed since my last visit to ye olde blog (and it's been a few years, although from the dates on the page it only looks like a few months). I graduated from design school and started my new career. Jim graduated from the MSW program at University of Washington and started a new career (that's probably an entire post all it's own...comptroller to social work, in 3 easy steps!) There have been ups and

We've traveled...Toronto...and I didn't try to accost anyone in the security line at the airport.  If you've followed me (or have been waiting for an update), I never did make it to China because Jim left that job and moved on to social work.  I didn't take that calculus class, but I seem to be over more nightmares of showing up for a test I never studied for or a class I never attended.  I joined choir again, and then quit within the same year...I missed it, but not enough. I no longer belong to three gyms, in fact I need to join at least one. Perfectionism...still working on it, but I feel like I may be turning the corner. I still bitch about grammar on Facebook, all the while making plenty mistakes of my own. I enjoy football now (shocking to those who know me), and own enough Seahawk clothing to open a small store.

All of this is to say I've changed, and I think for the better. I'm not sure what my writing focus will be this time around, but the window to "my view of the world" is gone.  God, how conceited was that? I still welcome lively banter, and hope this will become a conversation rather than a place to lurk. I'll probably piss some people off...that's kind of my thing, but I'm learning to bend...see things from more than one angle.

Welcome back? I think so. Now I just need to figure out what I'll write about.